Name Ōhirome
Kanji お披露目
Vital Statistics
Race Demon
Professional Status
Affiliation Japanese Imperial Demon Army
Ritsu Sakoshita
Section Shinoa Squad (Formerly)
Rank Black Demon Series
Cursed Gear
Personal Status
Status Cursed
First Appearance
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Ōhirome 「お披露目, lit. Unveiling」is a possession-type demon taking the form of twin Emei Piercers in the Black Demon Series. They have formed a contract with Superior Private Ritsu Sakoshita.

Appearance Edit

Emei Piercers

A basic set of Emeici

Its basic form takes the appearance of twin Emei piercers forged out of steel. Ritsu says most people who hold them are surprised by its lightweight. The rings that go around the bearer's fingers are green, whilst the piercers themselves are jet black.

Forms and Abilities Edit

In Episode 14, Ritsu explains there are two base styles of Emeici use:

  • Spinning 「くるくる , Kurukuru」: In this style, the user is expected to be extremely agile and make small hits which will result in the collapse of the enemy when struck enough times. The style is also known as "Air Blade", and it makes use of parkour elements.
  • Skewer「串刺し , Kushizashi」 : On multiple occasions she cites this usage as producing much more grisly results when compared to the other style, which is made to quickly finish an opponent. Also in contrast to the Spinning style, Skewer utilizes the fact that Emeici are close-range weapons to make deep wounds. Once the opponent is weakened, the bearer is to "full-on assault" them, with various disabling stabs, though advanced users go straight for a kill.