This is the official Owari nn Seraph Fanon Wiki Manual of Style. It is based on the Owari no Seraph Wiki's Manual of Style, since that is the site we imitate style-wise.

Character PagesEdit

Main - The beginning section where a general introduction is put.
1. Appearance - The character's appearance.
2. Personality - Information on the character's personality and traits.
3. History - The character's story before the current timeline.
4. Story - The role the character plays in the story. Use different section headings for the story arcs.
5. Powers and Abilities - The character's powers and notable abilities. When he/she has a special skill, use different section headings for natural abilities and Cursed Gear or Weapons. Also align images to the right as a lay-out rule.
6. Trivia - Trivia items. Organized in list format using * at the start of the line (For style purposes, put a space after the *).
7. Quotes - Character quotes. Organized in the same way as Trivia.
8. References - Just the ==References== section with a <references/> tag below it. To collect the <ref></ref> tag info in the page. If the page does not have any references, add them.
9. Navigation - Place the Template:Character_infobox here.

Article Property Edit

  • When you create an article, you may place a {{Property}} tag on it, claiming it as your article.
    • If more than one user owns the article, all involved users will place their property tag.
  • Canon articles belong to the entire community. You cannot "own" a canon article, unless it has your username in the title, signifying it is a different version (ie., Guren Ichinose (ShadowRyu Kei)).
  • Custom Property Tags should not be much larger than the official property template for collaborative articles. Exceptions are made if the custom template is used for your own creation.

Writing StyleEdit

  • The article must be written in English US.
  • Everything in the article should be written in the present tense, except the "History" section, this should be written in the past tense.
  • Articles should be written in an in-universe style, and not refer to the reader or viewer when talking about events.
  • Articles should be independent of any point in the series, it should not be required that pages be updated every time a new event happens in the timeline simply because articles were written from the perspective of someone reading on the latest chapter.


  • If information is debatable, please take it to the comments before implementing.
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